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Suit dismissed

On June 24, 2021, the firm secured dismissal of a substantial commercial suit against a client of the firm.

No judgment, no subpoena

For better or worse, handling appeals sometimes leads to handling enforcement issues.   In a recent appeal, we won a favorable modification of an order under  which a judgment had been entered against the defendant, our client.   Thereupon, the plaintiff issued subpoenas for disclosure of information for enforcement purposes, but he took no steps to  have […]

Mandamus, Prohibition and Certiorari

Mandamus, prohibition and certiorari are extraordinary common law writs that often resemble appeals in that they are based on review of a closed record for error. Under the common law, an application for a writ of mandamus is an action to require a court, board, corporation or person to perform a non-discretionary duty imposed by […]


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